posted on: April 1, 2014


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1. RUBY top, photographer’s own shorts, Vans Australia shoes. 2. Juliette Hogan bomber, RUBY dress, Mckinlays of Dunedin  photographer’s shoes. 3. RUBY dress. 4. Juliette Hogan bomber, blouse & skirt. 5. RUBY dress 6. RUBY dress 7. Juliette Hogan sweatshirt. All eyewear Prada & Miu Miu.

Model: Renee Wilkins Foster

Photographer: Rosa Shand

Stylist: Sarah Cronin & Rosa Shand

Assistant: Sarah Cronin

  • Victoria

    Your photography and styling and everything just gets better every time! but maybe that’s because you had Sarah this time who knows

    • Rosa and Fox

      tbh it probably was sarah’s presence and expertise that really just brought it all together

  • Lani

    Beautiful shoot, love Renee!

  • Amanda Chan

    Gorgeous shoot, great styling and I love the colours!

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