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Plaid. It’s the kind of trend that grows on you over time. Apparently your brain finds things it sees frequently more attractive, so therefore if a trend ‘grows on you’ have you really changed your opinion on it, or has your brain just become more accustomed to seeing it? Regardless, (I think) I really have fallen in love with this plaid trend. From the Celine coats of Fall 13 to this shirt I found in mum’s wardrobe, I’ve become kind of obsessed.

NB Just in case my theory of trends growing on you/your brain becoming more accustomed to them is correct, then avoid looking at Birkenstocks at all costs.

Also if I’m being completely honest these are also mother dearest’s shoes and they are too small to me and I really wish I could wear them and my feet were dying whilst taking these photos but hey the things I do for blog photos.

P.S. Yes, I am completely aware that if you take away the shoes, I look like I’m off to a rugby game or something… sport luxe maybe?

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